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I 30.01.2019

Interfacing quality assessment tool before and after washing

Interfacing is an inner construction material that lies between layers of fabric. Its primary purpose is to give stability, shape, and reinforcement to the fashion fabric. Thereby, it plays an extremely important role in the overall success of garments. The main goal of this paper it is to develop a quality assessment tool for interfacing in order to prevent quality issues during production. Four types of interfacing where tested on thirty-seven different waistbands made from denim fabric. Tests are carried out using three different machines, namely iron, fusing machine and fusing press. The samples were mainly evaluated according to the following criteria: aspect, adherence, elasticity, tearing and wrinkling. For all samples, each criterion is scored on a 4-point scale, ranging from 0=mediocre to 3=excellent. Then, a global interfacing acceptability level (GIAL) is calculated based on the specified criteria. According to this parameter, the interfacing can be accepted if its quality is judged as good or excellent. Otherwise, it is rejected and its quality is judged as mediocre..

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